Garden Patio in Medway
Improving Your Landscape With Block Paving, Pergolas and More

A tailored garden space allows you to relax in the sun, invite friends over for special occasions and creates a great view from inside the home. It can also do wonders for the value of the property. But just talking about having a bright and vibrant garden is very different to making it a reality – and it can be hard to know exactly what to do with the space. As a landscaping and construction firm with over 40 years in the business, we can lend a creative eye and manage the entire process. Our team understands its block paving from its Indian sandstone and provides garden patios, garden buildings and more across a wide service area. In fact, we’re known as Medway’s trusted patio and driveway company.

So what can you do to improve your garden or commercial landscape in a way that won’t cost you the earth? Read on to find out.

Replace Your Garden Patio

If it’s been a while since your patio received any care, then it may suffer from some issues. Burrowing insects can play havoc with the surface material, and the patio itself may longer suit the property's vibe. So why not give your summer space a new lease of life with block paving, Indian sandstone or porcelain pavers? With the aid of a trusted landscaping team, you can transform your rundown patio into a fully realised private oasis.

Erect a Garden Building

It can be hard to work from home in the Medway area when you lack the required space. A garden building may serve as the perfect office or studio, granting the privacy you need each working day. Alternatively, a sunroom could do wonders for your social life and ensure you can enjoy the great outdoors all summer long. Beyond our role as a landscaping and driveway company, we fully construct these buildings in line with your needs.

Pathways and Pergolas

Are you generally happy with your garden patio? If so, look at other ways to improve the landscape. For example, block paving pathways can form elegant sightlines that break up the monotony of a simple lawn, while wooden pergolas and raised beds build a sense of height. Some additional measures include water features and birdbaths that only add to the atmosphere. While you’re at it, try adding some potted plants to your garden patio in Medway for a personal touch.

Keep the Space Maintained

Owning a garden isn’t just about laying down block paving or creating a new garden building. Maintenance is equally important. For this reason, we advise that you check your fences for signs of wear and tear before calling our landscaping and driveway company for replacements. We can also correct drainage issues with soakaways, and provide permeable paving options for garden patios that cater to heavy rainfall.

Combine Hard and Soft Landscaping Schemes

We already mentioned adding plants to your patio in the Medway area, but you can take this one step further by creating a gravelled space or rockery – enhanced with nearby sleepers and shrubs. Fresh turfing may also make a world of difference, but for those who prefer a low-maintenance option, we can lay artificial turf that you’ll never need to mow. You could even surround your garden building or office with plant species that play well together. As a knowledgeable planting and driveway company, we can help with every facet of the project.

For a garden patio in Medway, crafted from high-quality block paving, call 07801 949832 or 01634 312201. We offer a comprehensive landscaping service.