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Landscaping will make any domestic or commercial space more welcoming. It ensures your family can use the garden throughout the summer and gives staff a place to sit and unwind so they can stay motivated. As such, a well-maintained landscape often improves living conditions, and in terms of business, it can actually help reduce workplace stress. At RD Landscapes and Construction in Rainham, we understand the importance of the garden and can revitalise any space in Sittingbourne, Medway or the surrounding areas.

Our driveway company blends hard and soft landscaping schemes to make beautifully realised spaces. We believe every garden should work for the home or business owner and carry out all landscaping at a competitive rate. We also lay block paving and construct garden buildings to suit your lifestyle needs. Visit our previous work page to see examples of our projects.

We undertake:

  • Artificial Grass

  • Garden Decking

  • Raised Beds

  • Sleepers

  • Water Features

  • Garden Ponds

  • Pergolas

  • Garden Lighting

  • Planting

  • Turfing

Whether you’d like a newly decked area or plan to add garden lighting to an outdoor seating area, our experts are ready to help. Please call today for free advice and a quotation.

Landscaping | From Decking and Pergolas to Garden Lighting

RD Landscapes and Construction is proud to deliver a comprehensive range of landscaping services. We outline some of our driveway company’s most popular services below.

Artificial Grass and Turfing

Are you fed up with bald patches in the grass or having to mow throughout the summer? Make like easier and enjoy a natural shade of green with artificial turf. Pet friendly and green all year, this synthetic option provides a vibrant colour with none of the maintenance needs. If you prefer natural turf, we can deliver it straight to your door, prepare the ground, lay the new lawn or cultivate what you have using a rotary machine.

Decking and Pergolas

A perfect way to transform your landscape, decking serves as a great alternative to a paved patio. Place garden furniture on this decked area, add value to the property and create an attractive focal point for summer parties. You can also create visual interest with a pergola that becomes a central feature within the garden. Our landscaping team installs these dazzling elements for gardens all over Rainham, Sittingbourne and the Medway towns.

Raised Beds and Sleepers

A raised bed lifts your treasured plants above the ground, which helps to keep them safe from pests. In addition, these beds allow you to grow a wide range of species in a single area, help with drainage issues, and prevent friends and family from stepping on the plants you love. Raised beds and sleepers also cut down on weed growth.

Ponds and Water Features

At RD Landscapes and Construction, we build ponds to the ideal shape required. We know that even a smaller pond can make a big impact and will carry out a full excavation and installation service. Our landscaping team also installs elegant water features, crafting tranquil spaces that can help you unwind after a long day. We can also advise on maintaining these features in the long run.

Garden Lighting

Why should you go inside just because the sun goes down? Extend your time in the great outdoors with garden lighting from an experienced team. Garden lights can also discourage potential intruders from trying to access your property. Install them along a garden path, along the boundary or surrounding your garden building – it’s entirely up to you.


Every property needs a clear and reliable boundary. Not only does fencing increase security, but it also keeps kids and pets safe around your property. We replace damaged fences and fully install panel, closeboard and post-and-rail fencing options as needed, making sure all fences meet a high standard of quality. You can also contact our driveway company for decorative trellis fencing. Choose RD Landscapes and Construction for services across the Rainham area.

Call our driveway company on 07801 949832 or 01634 312201 for landscaping in Rainham, Sittingbourne, Medway and the neighbouring towns.