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Commonly used for driveways, paths and garden seating areas, block paving has become a preferred landscaping material for many reasons. With a unique finish that you won’t find elsewhere, it delivers an aesthetic that suits traditional homes and modern builds alike. It’s both affordable and long-lasting, which also makes it a great investment. If you’d like to include block paving as part of your driveway or garden design, then RD Landscapes and Construction can assist. Our driveway company offers a full supply-and-installation service to Rainham, Sittingbourne, Medway and the surrounding areas.

Consisting of blocks made from clay, concrete and other composites, this style of paving can be seen across the UK in domestic and commercial settings. Aside from being highly versatile, it also allows the client to form unique designs for a more personal touch.

  • Block paving comes in various earthy tones and shades

  • You can use it for edging as well as decorative patterns

  • This paving option is great for driveways and pathways

  • All installations feature an insurance-backed guarantee

  • Its permeability helps to combat drainage problems

  • It’s a low-maintenance choice that can last for many years

From driveways to garden spaces and even soakaways, our landscaping team uses block paving due to its strength and visual appeal. Please contact us to see if it’s right for your project.

A Flexible Material for a Decorative Landscape

With almost four decades of experience, we at RD Landscapes and Construction provide block paving with attention to detail. Our driveway company understands that any paved area will only be as good as the sub-base below it, and use leading industry equipment to compact the blocks for the perfect finish.

What Are the Benefits?

Block paving can enhance any property, big or small. Available in rustic reds, modern greys and other attractive colours, it can easily match the look you want for your home or business. Mix and match these shades however you like, select a single block colour with a unique border, or come up with a motif as a central focal point – the choice is yours. These blocks also interlock once compacted, granting unrivalled strength to driveways, paths and outdoor seating spaces.

Should you notice damage to your surface in Rainham, Sittingbourne or the Medway area, then a landscaping team like ours can often replace the blocks individually. This saves you from having to spend on a new installation because of a single, damaged section.

The Ideal, Low-Maintenance Paving Choice

Due to its permeable nature, block paving will keep your driveway or hard standing area free of standing water that might damage the environment. It’s also simple to clean, as you can wash off dirt and debris with a conventional hose or brush. Additionally, these blocks can be reclaimed once they’ve fulfilled their use, finding use in other construction projects elsewhere.

At RD Landscapes and Construction, we often recommend block paving over the alternatives because of its benefits and lack of downsides. Of course, we’re always happy to discuss the other options available, such as tarmac, Indian sandstone and resin-bound surfacing to ensure you receive a landscape that’s right for you. Find out more about what our driveway company can do for your home.

To add block paving to your landscape in Rainham, Sittingbourne, Medway or the nearby areas, call our driveway company today on either 07801 949832 or 01634 312201.